Family Ministries

As parents you will have the most lasting impact in your child’s spiritual life. Our role as the faith community is to come alongside and support you as your children grow.
HomeFront Weekly
Families receive the weekly recourse each week after our gathering. It is a preteach tool that gives parents the opportunity to discuss the following weeks topics with their kids before we present it. It includes conversation starters and Scripture that can get your family sharing their faith journey.
HomeFront Weekly includes curriculum for three distinct age groups, TruBlessings (2s & 3s), TruWonder (4s & 5s), and TruStory for elementary aged kids.
HomeFront Weekly for each age group is available in all classrooms.
HomeFront Monthly
This monthly resource is packed with ideas for family devotions, ideas for creating traditions in your home, serving opportunities, and more! Staying in line with Spiritual Parenting, each monthly issue focuses on one of the 10 Environments.
There are 3 ways you can receive HomeFront monthly:
1. Click here to subscribe and have each monthly issue emailed directly to your inbox!
2. Pick up a hard copy of HomeFront at the Families information desk at any weekend gathering
3. Download the free app and have access to the issue whenever you need it on your phone or tablet.
Spiritual Parenting is parenting with Jesus in mind.
As a resource, we offer a 9-week course focused on 10 Environments that you can create in your home to partner with the Holy Spirit in raising spiritually healthy children.
Spiritual Parenting is designed for parents to meet one another and explore ways that we, as a faith community, can inspire, strengthen and equip each other on in our roles as the primary nurturers of our kid’s faith.
To register for the next course session please email the family ministries team.