Neighborhood / City Presence

What if each of us took living out God's Truth in our own home and letting it spread through our neighborhood seriously?
What if we deeply cared for those living around us so that it motivated us to know them and to take care of them their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs?
We would begin to pray for our neighborhoods that God's Kingdom would come and His will would be done. We would allow God to lead us to take care of our neighbors and serve them in the name of Jesus. We would see a community described by love, faith, hope, joy, grace, mercy, kindness, forgiveness and peace instead of corruption, hate and worthlessness. We would have a world worth living in.
That world is available. God's people living God's word bring God's reality to the everyday life.For more on being present in your community contact
FACILITY USE - For groups visiting Anaheim, wishing to use the MBC Facility - FACILITY USE AGREEMENT