Connecting Teens with Jesus
Welcome to MBC Youth!
As a ministry of Magnolia Baptist our mission statement and reason for all our activities is to help students and families identify and take their next steps with and towards Jesus Christ. Our activities, studies, and discussions all aim at revealing more of who God is and His plan for redeeming His people. On Tuesday nights we play games, hang out, sing songs, discuss what is written in the Word, and offer challenges to the students all in hopes of placing them in the path of the Divine. We hope they will encounter God and then respond to His call on their lives.
Our special events share many of the same components, just with a little more intensity. Our games are bigger, the songs louder, and our times in the Word are deeper, longer, and more frequent. When we go away to camp or up to the mountains we leave behind so much of the world that beckons our students to conform and compromise. Leaving our gaming systems, cell phones, internet access, schools, etc. behind we readjust our focus. These fun and intense times allow students to “press pause” on the pressures of the world, take a deep breath, and choose to be more than what the world tells them they are.
We have several camps and special events that happen annually, plus a few extras we throw in when we feel there is a need. Here’s what we have planned for this year:
November 7th- 9th                          Fall Camp Out - $40
February 14th - 16th                      Jr high Winter Camp - $135
March 6th – 7th                                 Girls’ Sleep Over - $5
March 29th – 31st                            Spring Break Serve Event - $40
June 21st - 27th                                 Hume Wildwood (high school) - $430
July 5th - 10th                                     Hume SD (jr high) - $470
July 26th-29                                         Voice of the Refugees Service Trip - $80
With so many special events and camps offered each year we understand that we are asking for quite the investment financially. We have organized multiple fundraisers throughout the year to help keep costs down and help families raise money for their own accounts. Magnolia Baptist has a long tradition of supporting our student ministries through church-wide fundraising events and by collecting money for students in personal accounts that can be used for multiple purposes. Students and families that participate in fundraisers earn money for their accounts. It is completely possible to attend every event we have planned without spending a dime. It will take some work, but we believe it is worth it.
Here are the fundraisers we have planned for the year so far:
October 31st                                 Soda Booth at Trunk or Treat
November 10th-15th               Ruby’s Fundraiser
December 5th                               Tree Lighting Food Sales
February 20th                               Mary Kay Fundraiser Night
March 7th                                         Youth Yard Sale
May 16th                                           Auction
If you would like to know more about any of our events or fundraisers please feel free to email me. We will have a parent night on January 6th when we will discuss camps and fundraiser details. (Of course we will want you to participate in a game that night too!)
On behalf of our Youth Shepherding Team thank you for allowing us to invest in your child. We love what we do and look forward to continuing to partner with you as we see your child develop into the man or woman God has chosen as His own.
Heather Weden
Director of Family Ministries
Magnolia Baptist Church
Youth Documents
Students and Parents need to complete this form and return it to Heather Weden before the summer camp registration deadline.
Parents and students need to complete this form before registering for summer camp at Hume Lake.
This document is required for all students for all off-campus and special events.
Heather Weden, Family Outreach Director